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Thread: UK Car insurance recomendations

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    UK Car insurance recomendations

    The time is nearly upon me when i have to renew my car insurance

    Had a quick look today and got quotes of 309 to 350 depending on protected no claims and legal cover and excess etc from lloyds and egg (used exactly the same application so proably check the same insurers) but wondered if anyoen had any good recommendations.

    I am 25 (well i will be when it is renewed), male, single, PhD (but paid full time - technically not a student as i have to teach myself), live in bristol and drive a 1.6 pug 306 with full no claims, no points or convictions and want legal cover as it has saved me a lot of bother in the past.

    So far i am tempted by Egg as if i buy it on my egg card i get 0% for 12 months and i used to be with Axa who gave me the best deal my miles over previous years but now they go through the RAC and the RAC application is too bloomin long.

    Also, i am saving up for a 2003 WRX and thought i would get a quote to see if i was gonna be able to insure it and i got a quote of 900 - is this reasonable for a 25 year old male on a car like that? Seems pretty good to me.



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    U Tried Admiral Insurance?

    I've got my Frontera Sport RS insured with them. 1 Years NCB and 16000 miles a year.

    My insurance is around 700 a year.

    They offered me a reduced cost to insure my Rover Cabriolet for 300odd 3rd party fire and theft.

    Oh and I'm 28... and have had three accidents in the last three years...

    Hence the Frontera... I can't go fast now

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    Give Direct Line a go ... they are by far the cheapest for me fully comp and I've 3 points and two crashes at the mo - all to disappear this February and November :-) Then hopefully cheaper insurance ......

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    yeah i think i will try the main stream insurers again now. I used to be with Axa when i was under 25 as they were the only ones who would give me a decent quote. can't believe the 900 for the scooby. My 1st insurance on my old Zx was over 1 grand when i was 19!

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