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Thread: Wow: indash Xenarc & motorised VGA TS

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    Wow: indash Xenarc & motorised VGA TS

    Well there is a thread for it them in every other section of the forum so i though it would post em here too!

    Xenarc here:

    Not motorised though and gonna be about $600 apparently and for drivers see the bloomin Xenarc site for compatibility

    Digitalww motorised here:

    Yup it is fully motorised and is based on a Xenarc screen so use the info above for driver info. And yes it has a TV tuner and a nice clock and if i had a car that it would fit in i would get one cos it looks pretty cool (stupid overhang dash)

    If you want to post go do it ont he proper bloody threads at:

    Xenarc: Xenarc in dash is here.

    Digitalww: Fully Motorized In-Dash VGA Touch Screen LCD (BUT ITS IN THE WRONG SECTION!)

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    How does this Lilliput touchscreen rate compared to the other 2?:

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    What is the point of resurrecting a thread that is two years old, especially when there are other threads about the various in-dash motorized screens already?

    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    DP, at least you know he used the search button. Pretty good for a newb, if you ask me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edrex View Post
    DP, at least you know he used the search button. Pretty good for a newb, if you ask me.
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