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Thread: Post here if you are a member of these other forums.

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    Post here if you are a member of these other forums.

    Just curious.

    Post here if you are a member of:

    Please post the forums you are a member of and
    your username there.

    I'm just trying to see how who in the community visits
    the same places as me.

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    I used to post on Hardforum didnt like Cool Cases anymore...and the rest of the board didnt interest me so i was gone...Dexter750 on there.

    I also used to post on Genmay until I realized what a stupid *** waste of time it was. Dexter on there also.

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    hardforum, genmay, importatlanta, oprano, go****yourself, bimmerforums, dtmpower, nasioc, nnmasters, ev1forums, milkmycow, many many others
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