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Thread: Manual Shifter for driving games

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    the act labs shifter also has a utility that allows it to be used with racing/driving games that dont support it iirc.
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    The only good answer is that you should make a utility that connects to your OBD-II interface and uses it to monitor the pedals, gear shift, and steering wheel of your actual car. That way, you park, turn off the engine (important) and then use your car controls to control the car in the video game on your carputer.

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    I have seen a setup like that, in an arcade several years ago. They had a JDM Miatia hooked up to Ridge Racer, projecting on 3 8'x8' screens. Pretty damn cool.

    As for the wheel, good luck. I think there are a lot of games, pc especially that might support it, but there just isn't the demand for it for hardware manufacturers to make a wheel like that. You could always make your own.

    I am pretty sure that RUSH gives you a little boost if you use the clutch, but it doesn't penalize you if you don't. The only arcade game I can think of that you have to use the clutch in is the ferarri simulator game.

    BTW the momo wheel has the sequential shifter.

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    One of those links I posted will convert your wheel to use genuine racing steering wheels by Sparco or Momo (maybe others?) with a H-shifter. You can also add the 3rd pedal if you desire.
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    this game has a clutch button too

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