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Thread: Strike back at the man!

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    Strike back at the man!

    And some little twit turned him in.
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    Man, how did he ever get that Honda off of his boot?

    ...I guess you could just cut the wheel off...
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    he has some balls to get it off there... police has their hand all over the place... godd luck to the peep...

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    If you read that post it is 25 pages long. Mostly people just praising the guy for what he did. It was pretty simple, the boot was put on loosly by a school security guard worried about damaging the air valve or somthing. So all he did was pull the boot out enough to fit a lug wrench in and took off the lugs. He left the tire with the boot still on (he was almost charged for littering ), then put on the spare and took off. He was homefree until someone who saw the thread he made about this decided to send the school an e-mail with the link and his info. So in the end he had to pay the tickets anyway, but the guards took it easy on him. Still a pretty funny story cause the people in the thread were comin up with ideas like putting lunch trays under the back tires and driving off b/c the honda had fwd.
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    I'm dumber for having read that. I sure hope my kids don't grow up to talk/type as bad as that. I'm calling bull****. He kept saying they don't know who he is yet they put a boot on his car for having unpaid tickets? How does that make sense. They don't know him but they know the guy driving that Honda has a lot of tickets? How they hell did they tie the tickets to that car w/out knowing who owned it?????

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    A friend of mine cut one off of a car once, then took it back to his shop and we put it on his brothers car (it would not stay tight anymore, but it looked like it) and let him freak out thinking that he got booted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gambit32
    I'm dumber for having read that. I sure hope my kids don't grow up to talk/type as bad as that.
    What do you expect. Its a honduh forum

    One of my instructors was bragging about how he debooted his mazda. He said it was pretty easy because he just had to wedge the rod.

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    Cool security though - they gave him a parking permit after all that!

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    Reminds me of the time when I had one of these put on my car.

    The car at the time was a 1986 Ford Sierra.

    Anyway I used to park in a servioce road behind where I worked. The company I worked for didn't have a parking spot, but another one had about 4, usually one was spare and the Manager aloowed me to park there. Now the Guy who used manage the area and his assistant both knew about the arrangement and usuually I never had a problem. However for some reason on this particular day, the clamping company that was used by the owners of the property decided to come round, and because I didn't have a permit displayed and the guys who knew about the arrangement weren't there, decided to stick one of the above clamps on.

    As you can imagine I was pi$$ed. so I spoke to the guys I knew but they said there was nothing they could do.

    Anyways I tried to think of all sorts of ways I could get around this problem. didn't want to damage to clamp as I could then be done for criminal damage, so I ended up doing the following.

    Step 1. Obtain a socket set (shallow) that has a socket to fit wheel nuts.

    Step 2. Slide hands and socket and socket wrench behind front of clamp and begin to loosen nuts.

    (side note. This was made slightly harder as I had locking wheel nuts, so on one I had to slide the key down and undo the cover before getting a different size socket and undoing that one)

    Step 3. remove nuts (once they are lossened the socket was not needed).

    Step 4. Jack car up.

    Step 5. remove Wheel and boot from car.

    Step 6. fit spare wheel.

    Step 7. deflate tyre

    Step 8. slide wheel with deflated type out of boot.

    Step 9. remove car and leave boot in parking space.

    Step 10. Visit garage and reinflate tyre.

    hat was very funny was the assistant came along just as I had put the wheel in the boot. So he just saw my car and the clamp not on it. It confused the hell out of him coz about 30 mins earlier he had seen it on there. he kept looking at the clamp, the wheel back to the clamp again.

    So I just gave him the clamp back. He actually thanked me for it.

    Oh yeah same thing happened again about 6 months later. So I did the same.

    Unfortunately they complained to my Headoffice and it was requested that I did not park there again.

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