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Thread: That new car smell...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatO
    WTF did you people do to my thread!!!
    Eh, girls... new car smell (ahhh)... leathery things in dark, warm places... It's all good.
    Yeah, its terrible isnt?

    This thread has really gone down the, well ermm the anal of course.

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    well, there's PROS to having a wife...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyNextDoor
    another anal thread? Cmon guys. GET LAID for once, and leave the Anal thing... Or get a wife and have it every day. Me proud...
    Anal everyday? no offence but your wife must walk around funny! Anal all the time is just not healthy - unless you have a small willy - not that i am saying you do but it was the only explaination i can think of!

    As for the Pros and cons of having a wife...

    how about the pros of having a **** buddy - unfortunately women can't do it for very long and get 'feelings'! bahh! time for a new one, or two....

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