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Thread: Could some people do me a favour??

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    Could some people do me a favour??

    Right lads and lassies. I need some help if any of yis have any free time. Please read in full before doing it but it should only take around ten minutes.
    My thesis is due in on Thursday…..which is my 21st birthday .
    I need some of yis to fill out a questionnaire for me after yis test out 2 interactive mapping websites. The first one was made only using javascript and html. Could you please change your screen resolution to 1024*768 if possible as it is best viewed like this. you may also need to disable nortons internet security if the images on this site won't load. it doesn't like them for some reason It is a map of Howth in Dublin and is aimed at tourists. You don’t have to click on every page, just a few to get the jist of things…….
    The second one….i was using a software package called autodesk mapguide but the server I created crashed so can I get yis to test a map someone else made using the same program. In order to use this one you have to download a small active x controller which is safe and only around 2mb. Make sure you comment on how whack this downloading jargon is!

    Try to use them from the perspective of a tourist. Just click around a few things and see what yis think then answer the questions in the word document I have on this link here. Don’t really take into consideration the theme of the sites as they were originally both supposed to be about Howth. The second one which I didn’t do is a lot bigger obviously because it hasn’t been done for research purposes but for real use!

    The link to the html website is and the password to gain entry is “geomatics”.
    For the second website please download and install this
    and then follow this link and give it a few random clicks around the place

    After you have completed the questionnaire could ya email it back to me at [email protected]

    If ya fill it out maybe just slap a reply in here sayin ya did, so I know incase the email for some bizarre reason gets lost in “cyberspace”

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    blah blah blah ... set ... resolution to 1024*768 ... blah blah blah ... disable virus scanner ... blah blah blah ... go to this website ... run this active x plugin .... run this executable ...

    Sure thing, I'll get right on that!
    CarPC Stolen. Starting over.
    Ne1 recognize the avatar?

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