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Thread: Pimp my ride - Do they do any work on the motor??

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    Maximum Bitrate
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    Sep 2004
    The one DJ sold his pimp my ride car on ebay. Didnt see what I went for though

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    Super Moderator. If my typing sucks it's probably because I'm driving.... turbocad6's Avatar
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    if the car has a miss they'll fix it, if the exahaust is shot the'll throw a cheapie in it.....fix leaks to a certain extent.........if the brakes are shot they'll throw a set of pads in.......they do as little as necissary....but aren't going to give you back a repainted reinteriored "custom" that has grinding brakes & leaks oil on the cat.....that would be negative for them & I'm sure they avoid that within reason.......

    overall the majority of the cars they do on pmr are garbage buckets to begin with....& they are refurbished accordingly.......A friend of mine once said he wishes he could get his car on pimp my ride.....I said no you don't.....

    you'd be surprised how many kids throw money on top of money into garbage me pimp my ride shows the results of doing just this..... it's entertainment....but I wouldn't ever let them touch one of my cars..

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    You just have to buy the most POS car you can find and make up some story that your friends and familly tell them so you can get on the show. Like: Hes a good kid he always helps everyone and never got nothing back.... Its always the same story.

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    Hes a good kid he always helps everyone and never got nothing back
    Thats my whole life - no really - but I like my car the way it is,
    My life would be perfect if I could get laid may be Pimp
    my ride could find a girl for me - or pimp out a blow up doll

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    They did a couple rebuilds/new engines

    -Legend - rebuild
    -Baja Beetle - brand new engine
    -CRX - rebuilt
    -CRX - rebuilt
    -2004 4-runner (to replace)
    -2004 Scion xB (to replace)

    I'm sure they did more...

    I read a thing saying they take the cars to a engine repair shop afterwards if they dont want to waste time on the show showing how to fix an engine. But its rediculous because one time, the guy had gator shoes, guchi wallet, non-wrinkles dress shirt and cackies on, big house by the beach and palm trees all over the place...and he had an escalade in the driveway next to a POS that wouldnt start... I think some people go to a junk-yard, pick up a crappy car for a couple hundred dollars, and get ready for their 15 minutes of fame...

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    i saw them put a 450hp roushe racing motor in an old mustang, but other than that, havent seen much

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    Way to revive an old thread

    CarPuter Progress:
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