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Thread: Need some serious advice from any of the BMW owners on here

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    Quote Originally Posted by spectrrr
    Well yes that does burst my bubble just a bit... but could it be possible that your '87 cherokee was simply built better than they do nowadays?
    Actually, my Jeep and your Jeep are virtuallly the same. you have the same AX4 transmission that I do with a slightly more agressive control computer. You have the same engine that I do, but with better intake runners and a COP (not police, but coil on plug) ignition whereas I have the old cap and rotor setup. you have larger and stronger front hubs than I do. You have and Chrysler 8.5 rear axle and a DANA 30 front, I have a DANA 35 rear(weaker than the 8.5) and a DANA 30 front. The only other differences that I could find are that you have a different interior and slightly more rounded body panels (which still do interchange between the years). The only reason that I know all the interchange stuff is because a friend has a 2000 cherokee sitting in my driveway right now. So have fun and rest easy with the low mileage-ness of your Jeep.
    UPDATE: I moved farther north. Now its even too cold for the deer; only moose now

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    thanks for the info guys... i'm still weighing in my options and figuring out what i'm gonna do....

    dmurray14, that will help alot if i end up with a beamer... thanks =)
    monger , thanks for the input ... everyone i talk to either swears by the absolute rock solid reliability of their jeep OR wont touch it with a ten foot pole... still trying to figure out who's right in this case =P
    2000 Jeep Cherokee
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    -In-dash motorized VGA is finally out, need $$$
    -Need to replace factory HU

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    it has stats about reliability, sent in by various insurance companies.

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