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Thread: Where to buy auto parts online? (pads/rotors)

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    gas-a-just = just gas shocks ... play on the words to fool u into thinkin they're "a-d-just-able" haha
    [ 5-spd 1996 M A X i M A SE ]

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    i dunno if you tried to use partstrain for your Truck Parts, but i do. most of their deals are great and they don't charge the shipping for orders $50 or more.

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    Hey guys wanted to find out how is This is the only site I found that is in Canada. Does any one know of any other website in Canada? Prices are great but wanted to find out how is the service at this place. I need my parts right away and they do advertise as free shipping for order above $75, but now sure how long will it take for them to deliver it. Any one here have used them before??

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    Wow....old thread. May wan to put this one to bed, but I will put in my two cents....ebaymotors

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