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Thread: My Puppy

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    My Puppy

    Hey all I have a sad story to tell you about my puppy, a 15 week old white lab. He loved to be near me where ever I was, this particular day I chose to go fishing at a new spot I had never tried before. A friend describbed the spot as a nice flyfishing spot where you can walk along the river bank.

    Knowing how my dog loved the woods, I opted to bring him with me instead of leaving him at home. We got to the spot and walked around for about an hour before I actually fished. The river was very high and as I began to fish I was concerned that my dog would get too close to the edge, fall in and be swept away, he just learned to swim a week ago.

    For his safty I decided to bring him back to my truck a few yards away from my fishing spot. If any of you have ever had a puppy you'd know that leaving him inside the vehicle is a bad idea. Because I have a big bed in my truck I decided to put him in the back, where he can still be outside.

    I hooked his leash to a hook in my truck and put the tailgate up. Creating a nice little box for him to play in.

    After fishing for no more than 30 minutes I decided to call it a night and walked back to my truck. To my horror I found that my puppy had somehow fell over the side of my truck bed and strangled himself.

    His little body was just short enough to be 1 inch away from the ground so his little feet couldn't touch the ground. He had no chance to even make a sound to alert me he was in trouble.

    I feel terrible and it hasn't sunk in that the noises I hear in my house are not him rustling around anymore. I know that his intensions were to try and find me once I was out of sight.

    He was turning out to be a great dog, he could sit, stay, come, fetch, fetch his leash, get my shoes for me and finally housetrained. I know that my relationship with him was very young but that him and I had bonded and I feel like I lost a friend.

    Accidents happen and I would do anything to turn back time and make a better decesion but I can't and I'm learning how life can throw you some awkward curveballs.
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    I'm really, really sorry man. I can't imagine how much that hurts.

    I guess the only lesson to be learned is if you have to do that, make sure the leash is long enough for them to touch.

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    sorry to hear. Must be horrible... Did you burry him?

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your lost. I have a dog and two cats and I can't imagine not having them around the house.

    I feel your lost. Take time to heal from this experience.

    Best Regards.

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    Wow, that is so sad. Sorry to hear that. Was this recently?

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    That is awefull. I am really sorry bro
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    Ack... Sorry to hear it man, I know how that kind of thing is. Never is easy to have to go through...

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    **** man, my thoughts go out too you. i ove my pets too cant be without `em.
    Again my toughts to ya bud, keep ya chin up.
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    aww dude. That story brought a tear to my eye. I am so sorry for the little guy. Hope you are ok.

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    ^ me too. Sorry to hear that.

    You are not the first, not to think of it. I have hear many stories about that. Even worse on an upstairs deck.
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