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Thread: London tube and bus explosions!

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    what you dont get here is that i am partly in agreement with you!!!

    dead americans = bad
    dead londoners = bad
    dead jews = bad
    dead muslims = bad
    dead terrorists (islamic OR NOT) = good

    how about that? I'm sorry but you need atleast to use 1/10th of your brain and be able to distinguish between a person who follows a religion and a person who is a terrorist. and you dont need to believe in heaven or hell to do that. and it isnt optional, you HAVE to learn that to live in society. We seem to think that all terrorists are muslim because that is "hip" but lets not forget the tons of other terrorists that are NOT muslim. we must reserve some hate for them too
    And you are WAAAAAAAAAAY off on your following of the koran=no brians=terrorist... tell that to a religious muslim who has nothing to do with terrorism and he'll kick your ***!(oh, if he is a terrorist he will probably blow the both of you up! )

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0l33l
    Now please explain how Jihad was used as a reason to capture Spain during the 12th century.
    No need to explain, but I think muslims in general have evolved since the 12th Century, just like other religons evolved i.e the crusades,

    I think we all go through cycles, every religon has to battle what their book bible or quran or torah says, we all know that some passages in these books call for out right killing, but we dont take it literally, times have changed, we are not the same people, we all have to accept pluralism as the answer to peace. I cant justify killing, Jihad is a personal struggle, any definition other than that is not clearly translated from the arabic version of the quran, I speak Arabic, sorry If it's difficult for you to understand that not all definitions from Arabic translate to english perfectly.

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    Go argue somewhere else children.
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