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Thread: hilarious guide

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    hilarious guide

    i just stumbled apon this 'guide' on computer hardware, still undecided if its serious

    check it out guys

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    He has to be joking.....

    This is the best:

    the C.P.U. (or 'motherboard' as it is more commonly known)

    The chip is, in a sense, the 'brain' of the computer. it plugs into a special slot in the the C.P.U

    There are three main types of chips, Celeron, Pentium and A.M.D. There are no distinct differences between the three, just different brands, although, Pentium is the most widely known and is suported by most, if not all, software companies.

    HDD Disk Drives or 'Hard Drives'

    Every Hard drive has a unique IP address

    There are different types of R.A.M. which include EDO, SD and DDR

    lol lol
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    That is the biggest load of misinformation I've ever seen. And pink.
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    Some hackers however, have found ways to steal peoples IP address by using special virusses called trojan horses. Once the hacker has stolen someones IP address, they can use it while hacking to avoid being caught.

    stealing IP addresses is illegal and I will not be explaining how to do it here.
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    dude that is a legit site, sad thing is that this person thinks he knows what he is talking about.

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    I guess I didn't know angelfire hosted legit sites. I declare shenannigans for now.
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    Check it out?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pudge
    I guess I didn't know angelfire hosted legit sites. I declare shenannigans for now.
    normally i'd agree, but being a PC Tech i know that ppl with a bit of knowledge are worse than the ones that know nothing at all. that person is PEBKAC waiting for a place to happen lol

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    OOOOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOD that hurt. I fell off my chair laughing so hard.

    We should make that link a sticky in the Newbie section. Help them learn about computers.



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    Somebody should post this in the FAQ section.

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