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Thread: nissan shoots skoda

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawJohn
    Oh and Skoda's IMO were always far better motors than the Lada's
    Now that, was a hunk o'junk!
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    Now that we can agree on. however, I do know someone who is a mad Jap car nerd, but, has a Lada Niva (later injection 4x4 model) who spent time decoding the GM ECU code that they licensed to Later for a share in the company. He then wrote a full diagnostics/tuneup box from scraps of bits and a few Pics, and uses it to keep his offroad racer flying.
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    they look crap, no not for me, but its sort of car history,
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    This video (save it local) is rallying history. The skoda works team in the various 130LR Group B cars, some privateer 120L group A's, a couple of old Polos and a mad Lada team, plus a Group A Audi 90 Quattro that only had about 250BHP.
    That clip was posted on Sko-forum, but I believe it was posted originally on the forums by a member on there. If you love proper old skool dirt and hosepower rallying this is the proper job. Non of this only do it in Summer and charge spectators a fortune stuff.
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