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Thread: To any DJ/Geeks

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    To any DJ/Geeks

    Hey everyone, I had some quick questions.

    I've been looking into DJing professionally nowadays. I'm always first to call for parties/get-togethers/etc. However, one thing I would love to play around with is mixing. I remember seeing a type of pad you can buy for a computer - that acted like a vinyl pad. You can just use hand motions on that to "move" a digital album. I have no idea what it's called.

    Can anyone think of a affordable alternative? Also, is the Audigy NSX a decent audio output? I would love to keep this all digital, and save some $$$$

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    I have some Technics SL-1200 MKII's and getting Final Scratch from Stanton.

    basically you choose on a computer what song you want to play, and it will let you manipulate it on your decks(turntables) the other alternative is a CD player that lets you do something similar but if I were you just get vinyl. it's more expensive, and much harder to find, but I like analog MUCH more than digital when it comes to mixing, plus most people don't respect a dj who uses just a computer. To get a feel for having control of the music get something analog that you can manipulate.

    IF you want to do digital things ONLY you can use VTT (virtual turn tables) or for actual music creation try ACID pro, and fruity loops. I personally use Sound Forge, but it's more complicated, and I use it to edit vocals, etc. if you have any other questions be sure to ask I've been doing this for quite some time

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    FinalScratch will work off any turntable setting as long as you have a computer with a USB interface (and lots of MP3s on it). You can go to your local Guitar Center (assuming there's one nearby) to try it out and see if you like it.
    In my setup I use VirtualDJ and a Behringer 2ch mixer. That way I could digitally scratch (among countless other features) and manually mix and preview my songs with the use of the mixer. VirtualDJ also has the same functionality as Final Scratch (you could order data vinyls and/or CDs) in order to control it from your turntables/cd players.
    If you're not as hardcore about being 100% in control of every beat in your music, I'd recommend you to go with Atomix (from Atomix Productions, creators of VirtualDJ), which makes it a lot easier for you to switch mix songs and especially to beatmatch.

    Check 'em out here.
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    check out the videos here:

    ....and of course there are ways of getting this software free.


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