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    Oh god lemme start by saying i have to write a speech for my speech class and we first have to do an outline of the speech. I made one outline about the restaraunt business and tips. My professor said to choose another topic cuz everyone knows that crap. So ppl in my class said it would be interesting for me to do a speech on the advatages of have a computer in you car. So the advantages are
    1. Storage of thousands of MP3's instead of just a couple hundred like an ipod.mp3 cd,
    2. GPS
    3. DVD
    4. OBDII

    Now i gotta have some "Supporting Material" either a testimoney/ statistics or whatever. Im just wondering where i am going to get the supporting material. She said i can talk about how someone with KNOWLEDE of Carputers says that its more effecient, less money. Also like with the GPS statistics on like how it is better then mapquest of whatever.

    Anyone know of where i can get this information. Anyone wanna give me a testimoney??

    Basically i gotta give a speech for 10min and I am just going to discuss about having all of these advantages, what they do and how it helps us. But then again i still need 3 forms of supporting material.
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    I had a great post, but then my PC crapped out and I lost it, so here goes:

    If your instructor wants some academic/professional studies, that ain't happening. That having been said, several people here (Frodo, Boris, others) were contributors to the new book "Geek My Ride." Even more members, including myself, have done graduate level projects or papers on the subject. We are the experts on this.

    The advantages to carputers are preferences rather than something that is quantifiable. Take GPS, for example. There can never be a scientific study that says "GPS is better than MapQuest" because "better" is subjective.

    Here is my GPS-related testimonial for you:

    I put my first computer in a vehicle in the summer of 2001. One of the first things I bought for it was a serial GPS reciever. I had spent $800 putting this computer in my truck, and the addition of an $80 GPS made it was the best money I ever spent, and put my system in the same category as Pioneer and Alpine units that, at the time, were going for upwards of $3,000.

    With a paper map, you have to already know where you are and typically you plan your route before you leave, checking the map after every turn to see where the next one is. With GPS, you always know where you are and your route is dynamically changed on the fly.

    If you are using a paper map and you miss a turn or come across something that causes you to alter your route, you have to either pull over and check your map or be very reckless and check it while you are still driving. You have to first locate your position and then figure out how to get to where you need to be.

    With computer and GPS, your route is automatically re-calculated, typically with voice instructions. That's less work for me, and it's faster and safer than checking a map every ten minutes.
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    Testimonial For Audio.

    Being a system developer since 2000, I began incorperating my ideas about what a carputer or 'telematic system' can do in a vehicle envirnment. Because the idea of computers in vehicle is relatively new we (this community) have come togeather and poineered many different systems.

    I will briefly give you a testimonial about the audio capabilities of a vehicle computer designed by this community (mp3car). With todays technology there are many different audio meduims to choose from. If your an audio enthusiast and spend lots of time in your car you may have used different formats such as: CD, Mp3 (or compressed audio), DVD-audio, AM/FM, XM and or Sirius. These different technologies old and new come in different products that can take up precious space within your vehicle, because not one product can utilize all these technoligies at once. A computer can streamline these audio technologies and hold them all within one box. This coupled with the ability to make intelligant decesions for you, while you drive can be a very attractive adition to your vehicle.

    Since owning a Carpc, I've had the conveniance of not having to decide over which popular audio meduim to choose from. I'm able to drive knowing that my experiance inside the vehicle will be better than most that are driving right along side of me, because of the vast amount of features my Carpc has available.
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    not sure yet.
    i did it for the price. Ya cant beat an all in one for less than the price of an auto navigation system. You could compare the flexability of a computer, with that of another single product.
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