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Thread: Driving in Italy - An American View

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    There's a "traffic circle" outside of Kingston NY too... I think that one actually has stop signs - I don't stop though if you stop, you never get going again... Besides most of the time I'm driving a big delivery truck and people realize they can't "win" with there little SUV or car... :-)
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    no mate they are called roundabouts
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    Okay, I give. Since we don't really have these in the U.S. and the ones we do cause stupidity and confusion, I'll call them roundabouts from now on. Even though that sounds like the title to a Yes song.
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    hehehe sorry if i bump up this old post but it's really too fun

    i'm an Italian that lives in America, i really know what u mean, i miss it.... or better after years living here i still have my "driving gene", i can't suppress it.

    that, make u go in front of them or loose patience easily when u have to wait someone more then 10 seconds to take a decision or to start on green.

    here, it's all slow
    people stop all the line waiting one that must park the car, and usually he needs 20 minuts to park a small car in a space where an italian can park an RV in 15 seconds.

    but seriously why we have to go at the speed of the bus? if we have to stop on every bus stop, if we have to drive at the same speed, why do u take the car? take the bus, u'll save money and stress.

    Or if u need particular instruction to park the car, why don't u tkake a taxi? it doesn't need to park when u arrive at destination.

    The firsts time living here, i was so confused that a day i went on GM dealer to ask what was the steering angle of theyr car he looked me and asked why? but my question was real genuine bcose i didn't explain to myself why if the one in front of the line needed to stop, or turn right, why the second one can't just steer 15/20 degrees and pass along... no he must wait all the procedure of the first one, that's inconcepible for an Italian. really.

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