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Thread: If a fingernail gets ripped off, will it grow back?

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    not sure yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spaghetti
    My little toe nail is deformed - I think it must've been when I stubbed it on a door or something
    rip it out
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    Nah, it's fine - just a bit bent. I can't cut it properly either - i have to cut across the top surface and file it down.....
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    wow talk about back from the dead i completely forgot about this thread. BTW my fingernail is almost completely back to normal so yes it did miraculously grow back.

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    i've just come back from a weeks winter climbing on the ben. on the first day, coming back down i let my boot laces go slack and by the time i got to the north face car park the bottoms of my feet had blistered. so the next time i go up on the way down (litteraly 30 minutes from the car ark) i decided to tighten my boot laces just incase. i gripped the laces & pulled as hard as i could to make sure they went nice and tight. the problem was my trousers had falled over the top of the boots so i couldn't see the hooks. more to the point i could see my finger nail caught behind one of the hooks. anyway, now you know why my search (my exact search funnily enough) led to this thread.

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    lol.....yes when ever i have any injuries or ailments i always search mp3car first to see if i'll be ok
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