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Thread: fracking easymobile

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    fracking easymobile

    2 month ago got 5 prepay sim cards from easy mobile.

    1 son went mad and some how got a negative balance of about 1.80ukp

    That annoyed me with the 5ukp surcharge as its PRE pay....

    Daughter just went 0.16p over (-0.16p credit)

    Another 5ukp!

    I bought these sims as they say you only need to keep it in credit and there is no monthly charge etc so to me it looked a good idea to stick in the glovebox and forget about till I break down or something....

    Anyhow this annoyed me so I went and contacted customer services online, it went like this (oooh the wonders of cut n paste)

    RW:Good Evening, Welcome to
    RW:How may I help you ?

    ME:Hi, I have a negative balance on my account and cant see why, except its form a cancellation fee

    RW:Can i Please ask you to confirm your name, mobile number and the first three letters of the password ?

    me: replied

    RW:Please bear with me


    RW:The reason you have a negative balance on the account because you were in negative balance for three days so the account has been softblocked

    ME:I see, thats the 2nd time this has happened, I actually have five accounts as prepay was a good option for children but I can see the only way to stop this is to go back to O2, this allowing balances to go negative so they can be surcharged stinks.

    RW: Yes unfortunatly we cannot remove the ability to go into a negative balance on any account
    RW: We do send a text message from the first day of an account being negative though

    ME:I see, can I use balance from other accounts to pay off the negative balance on this account or do I have to pay it from a funding source IE bank/card and then have the balance from other accounts refunded, which then has a surcharge per account....

    RW:Yes unfortunatly we cannot transfer moeny over from one account to another
    RW:You will need to credit the account with a credit/debit card allowing the 25p charge for topping up

    ME:Thought as much, too simple and not enough profit in it. Ok thanks for your time I will pay off the balance and close all the accounts.

    RW:OKThankyou very much
    RW:Have a nice evening

    ME:Did I read that right there is a charge of 25p for topping up?

    RW:Yes this is correct

    ME: ok thanks bye

    RW:Thankyou - Bye
    Rebecca W left the chat.

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    are u really a lez?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motoko
    are u really a lez?
    Threadjacking in the first reply... nice one!!
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    I thought you can't go negative on prepay. Should it cut off the moment you reach 0 (zero) balance.
    Look like another way to make big bucks.
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    When I reach 0 it doesnt go under , but i can go on the internet and it doesnt charge me (so i download like crazy when im at 0).

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    you can also use some software to go from gprs to your home computer w/skype... thus giving you a free cell!!!

    Here is link:
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    u shouldnt have to pay it thats prepaid for gods sake u already paid for all the calls.

    Thats really dodgy how stupid i wouldn't pay them a cent they would most likely drop it but who knows.
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