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Thread: Principal Cancels Prom - u wont believe why...

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    Principal Cancels Prom - u wont believe why...

    well Ok, you can believe why. But as you read you will find this is a private religious school.

    So read what the kids were going to do on prom night and ask yourself whether sending your kid to a private religious school really makes them into well rounded and nice people.

    In reality, it makes them bitter, mean and horny.

    "The school has excellent values," said Margaret Cameron of Plainview. "We send our children here because we support the values and the administration of the school and I totally back everything they do."

    LOL, wow so the school has excellent values....and yet its the parents buying the booze cruises, or liquor loaded limos, not the in reality the parents are to blame, they are just dumb, white and rich. Enough said.
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    thank you news boy
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    I swear, he does come out with news events a lot... not like its a bad thing. I got a good rise out of this.
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    Thanks for the double-post.

    Just think if it weren't for sdashiki, we wouldn't know all the ****ed-up bull**** that goes on in our world...
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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