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Thread: MS Exchange Expert Required

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    MS Exchange Expert Required


    I have recently taken a new job where as well as all my normal tasks I am practically looking after all the IT as well.

    Quick question to anyone with enough knowledge to help. With the Exchange Server running, when we send mails out with attachments they often appear in other people's mailboxes as winmail.dat

    This is solved by switching off RTF. However, this makes the mails look a little dated. In my last job I'm sure that mails allowed formatting, therefore RTF must have been on, but never got winmail.dat issues. Anyone know how to configure it so that you can do RTF without the Winmail.dat ???



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    I'm an MS Exchange techie who needs help!!!!!

    Got a customer whose frickin Exchange server has crashed and burnt - trying to repair at the mo and get it back stable - spent two days on it now - doing my head in!

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    Backups knackered ... managed to fix it tonight big smiles from me! and a hell of a lot of grief lifted!

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