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Thread: Western Digital Warranty

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    Thumbs up Western Digital Warranty

    You may have differing opions of Western Digital hard drives, but I must say that their 3 year warranty is great. Had a 120Gb drive that was 2yrs and 10 months old with a drive error and they replaced it, no questions asked. Thumbs up WD.
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    Ya I had some slime ball in Canada sell me a 20GB Maxtor HD
    on ebay

    - he insured it for lots of $$$$ and sent it to me in a envelope
    - yes a regular envelope - well it was a Vanilla Envelope

    he did that on purpose - brand new HD dead - I was so ****ed - so
    I called the post office - here in the states - to see if I could get
    the $200 he insured the $50 hard disk for - they said no -
    I would have to talk to Canada post - I did ,and found it only
    applys to him, he is the only one that can collect - and the slime ball
    starts hounding me to send it back - I kept saying no - I left a "neutral"
    feedback - and I said what he did in the feedback, he left a "negative"
    feedback on mine, it reads, "does not comunicate and leaves bad
    feedback wachout for this customer" - I got about 10 emails from
    him and responded to each one of them - most were asking for the
    HD back

    - It was a brand new HD so I thought what the heck, I called
    Maxtor - GET THIS - they said sure no problem
    - we will send you a padded box to send the old one in - and give
    you a new one free --

    - I was in shock - I then told every one on EBAY that got dead
    hard drives from him to call Maxtor - and to tell them what he did
    - Maxtor replaced them for free - - I then called Canada post
    and told them he had did the same thing to a few different peeps
    - all they said is - we will look into it,

    A year or 2 later - a friend of mine using a Maxtor drive had his go
    dead and burn up a little, killing the mother board - and it did that
    just a few days after the warranty -

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    They still make HDD's with 3-yr warranties? Wow!
    I've replaced 3 IBM's (same model - now being sued), 4 WD's (eventually out of warranty - now mounted on my wall), 1 Seagate (only SG owned - it died), 4 Maxtors (each one died outside of 3yr warranty).

    However, I've had drives from each manufacturer last over 5 years. (except for Seagate - lack of quantity).

    All manufacturers have their bad runs - I recall West. Dig. had a MAJOR problem with their 1GB drives (jump in the way back machine). I RMA'd that one 3 times before it was out of warranty. It's now hanging on my wall.

    I pledge NO alliegence to any drive manufacturer. They are all crooks, and they are all brilliant. Good luck to you, sir!

    One thing to note - I window modded a 4GB WD 7 yrs ago - and it still works! (I use it perhaps once a year, though...)
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    I've just returned a maxtor SATA drive back to my supplier as it just got sooooo hot it failed. Have asked them to swap for WD as they have a 3 year warranty on a similar drive, whereas Maxtor only have a 1 year. Also on the web there are lots of articles about the maxtors running hot, and I can vouch for that. I now have to persuade the supplier to replcae the maxtors twin sister (which is still working but gets hot like a furnace).

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    Seagate have a 5 year waranty on their SATA hard drives.
    Possibly now on all their Hard Drives, not quite sure.
    Ive also got about a 12 year old SCSI hard drive (100MB) that would work if i still had a computer with a scsi card.

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    I have an old 20gb IBM drive that has lasted at least 8 years and no problems. As Pato said, all the manufacturers had their bad batches. My IBM is an anomily. Well it may not be any more now that I have given it the kiss of death
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