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Thread: Now it's on. Why the Music industry needs to burn in hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lez
    err, Please dumb this down to homer lever so I know WTF sony are going to do to my machine if I play a cd in it?
    you play a sony cd it installs software that cripples your windows install if removed to prevent you from copying a cd more than 3 times. by changing windows behind the scenes with no traceable way to really safely remove it. because this bypasses the windows registry and other ways of undoing the softwares installation...
    pretty much someone will find a vunerability that this creates make a virus and sony will be sued class action style bad tommy
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    they already have lol

    if u renamed a virus to $sys$virus.exe it will be hidden and could be run :P

    It's stupid that put your email on sonys form them they ask u to email u your name and phone number then they ring u up and u get grilled on the phone from them about removing it and then they send u to another website that only makes the DRM visible then u need to go and get something else to delete the visible files.
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    This kind of behavior by them makes me feel no sympathy about all the poeple that steal music from them.

    The thing is guys is that the majority of computer users simply will never know this is going on and they know that. This is just a toe in the water by them and its going to get worse. The majority of poeple just ignore technology and use it or are so passive they let them get away with this.

    I can see a day in the future where we will be digging out are old PC's because the hardware will not have built in DRM defenses.

    There really is an issue of invading privacy here and in order to stop it poeple, in masses, have to stand up against it. And I just don't think that would ever happen...
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    this is how they treat their PAYING customers!!!

    "pirates" will keep getting their music from the "usual" places.

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    Exactamundo. This doesn't affect pirates at all. Why the hell would they buy a CD when they can download it for free?

    This penalizes paying customers, which is why it does nothing but harm their business. I sure as hell am not going to buy any CD's in the future.

    I pay for my music on iTunes. Then I *might* remove the DRM from it later on. I say might because I know this is illegal under the DMCA. But of course, I paid for the music and I wouldn't share it with anyone, so how does that harm the recording industry?

    Hypothetically speaking, of course. I would never actually do this.
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    It won't stop the copying of music. There will be a way around this.
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    As if the pirates is not gonna fight back.

    What a waste of time and money...obviously someone got paid alot by putting his ****ty idea into practice, should be shot dead.

    But then whos gonna suffer? it wont be the be the paying customers.

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    Follow-up: First Sony BMG 'Rootkit' Virus Reported,2933,175188,00.html

    First Sony BMG 'Rootkit' Virus Reported

    AMSTERDAM — A computer security firm said on Thursday it had discovered the first virus that uses music publisher Sony BMG's controversial CD copy-protection software to hide on PCs and wreak havoc.
    Under a subject line containing the words "Photo approval," a hacker has mass-mailed the so-called Stinx-E Trojan virus to British e-mail addresses, said British anti-virus firm Sophos.

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    hmmm. i wonder if microsoft cooperated with them on this. If not, its making a bad name for windows.....and microsoft should sue. hell when vista comes out i'm switching away from microsoft.....and if MS and Sony/RIAA dont battle it out......i'm wont be comming back. I find it hard to believe that MS would willingly allow sony to cripple their product (even though they already inforce some RIAA legilations themselves). If they really wanted to do this right....have Microsoft enforce these changes with a patch.....then we'd all be *****ing about MS and not Sony.

    If MS sues sony over this......i'd gain more respect for MS.
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    Just give the geeks some time there will be a removal tool out in no time...
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