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Thread: Anybody here know transmission stuff?

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    Anybody here know transmission stuff?

    ok a while back i got my tranny swapped for that of a buick roadmaster wagon (no idea of the year)
    i currently have a 1990 chevy G20 5.7 TBI L05 1227747 van with a 3.42 rear end.
    now i had asked the guys who rebuilt my tranny to hook up this new tranny but they said that one was cable driven and the other was electrical (i left it at that)
    30,000 miles later and a few dollars richer i wanted to fix this problem
    (i later found out that tranny shop was not a very good place to go.(...long story) so now i have the task of connecting my speedo
    i looked at the tranny and it appears to be a 700r4 and it doesnt have a cable out put NOR does my dash gauge
    i found the DRAC and traced the wires out and everything is hooked up.

    i checked the ecms out put with a scantool (winaldl) and its reporting a speed of 1-3 miles an hour mostly 1 when moving and 0 when stopped.

    this explains why my odometer would increase very slowly

    i was under the assumption that the "cable" was swinging under the van disconnected and just reading at 1-2 miles in error.

    SO i stand now with an electric output tranny and a electric input speedo and DRAC (Digital Ration Adapter Controller)

    so i did some troubleshooting today rather than ripping my rear end apart to possibly find a working VSS (vehicle speed sensor) i did some electrical stuff
    i took the 2 leads off of the vss and connected it to a VOM in continuity mode sure enough it works fine at a slow speed it beeps slowly and at high speeds it beeps quickly

    then i went to the DRAC there im stumped i checked continuity of wires going in and coming out of the drac but everything rang out just fine

    how do i test the drac or what do i do next ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lostreception
    so i did some troubleshooting today rather than ripping my rear end apart to possibly find a working VSS (vehicle speed sensor)

    I have re-bulit about 3 700r4 but its been years and they were old
    trucks - but the VSS is on the side of the tranny near the back
    on the "extension housing" - They added one when they renamed
    it a 4L60e - the 700r4 has the cable -

    I replaced the cable on my truck with a elctric unit and gauge
    it had a cable

    If I understand the DRAC thing - it has to do with your tire size
    and rear-end - like the gears they would replace on your cable
    speedo on the older cars and trucks - so leave that alone,
    I am not shure but it sounds like your VSS is bad - find out how
    much it costs - if its cheap I would just replace it - but I am a
    lazy bastard, And could be way off - - Good luck

    here is a website that might help you

    and here

    and here also

    Got to love google

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