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Thread: XBOX modding: newbie needs some help

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    XBOX modding: newbie needs some help

    Well, after a friend told me that I should mod my xbox so that I could save games on there, and just rent them instead of buying them, it sounds like a good can anyone tell me what I need/have to do, and the downfalls to it? I appreciate it, thanks a lot for the help!

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    Hit That's a great resource
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    err, Am I on the right group here, I want to discuss shutdown controllers
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    thow shalt not talk about stealing software

    But yea I have mine moded - its easy - but there is a risk of
    killing your xbox - please back up your xbox - when you first
    softmod it - in the process of softmoding it, you can FTP into your xbox
    - do that and back up everything on your xboxes harddisk on the C
    partition - and burn it to cd - burn 2 copys and put both up

    that way when you funk up and you will you have a good copy
    of the Xboxes OS - and also make a backup after you softmod
    and get to how you like it

    but read all the Tutorials at xbox-scene before you do anything
    or you will have a big black Paper Weight

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