Yes the day of dread, the bright orange mango XM has to go for MOT.

All the past few months of weird electrical problems haunting me.

The horrid puff of blue smoke whenever it starts. (hot or cold)

The little drips of lhm that still drip.

Off I set, put new fuse in as one went yesterday, seems for no reason known to man the 'trigger' wire for the glow plug relay, which I presume runs a really coil, sometimes takes excessive current for 1 or 2 seconds.

I hoped it didnt do this on the test when he starts the engine....

30 minutes before I set off I decide to add a 'helper' relay, so that wont ever happen again.

All lights work, off I go.

I get 1/2 mile and I have thick blue smoke behind me, then white, then gray, then back to blue, traffic is stopping its so bad!

Oh $%$&*%$% and other words, lots of other words, where shouted at the car.

Think logically I thought, I had that old/bad fuel problem, maybe I have hit a 'lump' of it and its in my fuel system, I have 35 minutes to test.

I drove into the asda, shoppers watched as the smokey express, in bright orange, and not that good a paint job, pulls in.....

I stuffed my CC card in the machine and it said max 50 fuel, I held that trigger till the pump stopped, jumped in the car and started it up, smoke, and a tank gauge that read 1/2 full...

Off I went again, just as bad, I shut my air vents I was coughing!

Off I went down the 'bypass' (expressway?) and circumnavigated the city, flat out in 3rd gear, speeding up and slowing down, leaving smoke, giving the turbo some exercise, oh how it whistled, and smoked.

This went on for about 4 miles and then stopped, Oh I breathed a sigh of relief, I put it into 5th and cruised a mile or so to the next roundabout/intersection.

I waited in the traffic, and then set off, clouds of more smoke!

I carried on, toying with the idea of just going home, but I thought no if I turn up for test I'll just explain its been stood a while, and it doesnt do it when not moving so it may not be bad on the ramps.

3 miles to go, 10 minutes, and its still a little gray behind me, I carried on, it was clearing, time was running out, I had to go for the test.

I got their, and their where running behind, I had to wait 30 minutes, I left it sat running, the engine still was not hot, all that driving, 3rd gear, temp gauge says 70........

By the time it went in the fans had just come on, so it was hot, and not smoking.

I could smell it, it smelt awful, or was that my clothes, I had just traveled 8 miles in a smog factory...

He bent down and pushed the exhaust probe in the pipe, went to the door and revved it twice, computer started a countdown, and went green......

That was it, the worst 30 seconds of waiting I've had to do in ages, and it was a green light.....

Then he pointed out I had no fuel cap, but I bet asda has one.

still failed on the handbrake though.......

And on the way home the headlights failed!
(had to use side+fog lights)