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Thread: The keyboard game....

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    HOHOHOHO this is crazy! I will post my picture tomorrow..... right not Im nothing but high.

    Regards from heaven.....


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    :-P nuttin in mine its all stuck in there

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    I have an ancient laptop that doesn't have a keyboard, just two white knobs. When I need to reboot it I turn it upside down and shake it. The brand name is Etch-a-Sketch

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    Yuck - Havent you lot ever heard of house keeping ?

    Whats the worst one you have seen ? Mine was when I had to do a support call to some one well known on site... to say he smelt was an understatment..... the keyboard and phone where so bad with grease ( yes grease ) you could not see the numbers. I refused ever to used the phone if I could.

    Any way - one day he logged a call and I had had enough. I took a can of special deep cleaning foam that we used on old equipment and gave it him. I told him not to share it as every body would want one from me and it was a special favour as he was one on my best users.... he promptly cleaned his pc, mouse, keyboard, phone and every thing else with out relising the real reason of giving it to him.....


    PS Got extra brownie points back in the office for that one


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    Spagcave, in da UK Today's phrase: J'aime Alizee
    I've never seen anything that bad....
    Anyway - bit of crud keeps the immune system going.....
    In da club....


    Bunny's first poo
    __ U

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