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Thread: DVD to Mpeg 2 part?

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    DVD to Mpeg 2 part?

    What is the best/easiest/quickest way to convert DVD to mpeg? 2 Part question:

    I’ve captured Music video from my TV to my PC a while back and transferred ‘em over to DVD.

    Part 1:
    What should I use (recommend) to convert DVD to mpeg so I could transfer those over to the car PC? What is the best format for carpc (space saving)

    Part 2:
    Since I captured the music video, all videos are one right after the other. So I have 1 DVD with over 3 hours of continues videos. What could I use to “break” ‘em up by artist.
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    For part 1 I suggest Gordian Knot, or Auto Gordian Knot for "quick start" solution. I personally recommend Xvid encoding; I feel it gives a pretty good balance between quality and size.
    For part 2 try Virtualdub or Nandub to split into files.
    Check out doom9's site for more info and downloads etc.

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    ^ both very good programs to use. I'm using autoGK to get movies onto the carpc and it worked great at first, but I'm getting audio sync problems. I found a possible solution tho.

    If you want to try, you can put the file into Windows movie maker and split it in there, but you would have to click and drag a lot of clips to get one music video. It would work, it's already on your computer, but it may take some more time.

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    Easy video splitter.
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