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Thread: IP Scheming / Subnetting

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    IP Scheming / Subnetting

    Hey guys whats up? I have a project for my networking class and i have everything done except the IP Scheming part. I need some help. This is what it says o have to do:

    This document should identify private and public IP addresses to be used as well as subnet masks and default gateways. It should specify what IP addresses are assigned to work stations, network printers, and router interfaces. Use the most efficient subnet/host design possible for the number of hosts required including growth.

    this is the subnet requirements:
    The following table the departmental subnet requirements:
    Subnet   Department   Rooms      
    1   Shipping   Entire First Floor      
    2   Technical Support   Auditorium, 2.1-2.13      
    3   Marketing and Sales   2.18      
    4   Accounting   2.23-2.26, 2.30-2.36

    So basically there are 4 departments, each on there own subnet. But there are a number of computers to each dept that need there own host address. If ne1 can help me out with this that would be great! I am so lost!

    THere are 6 parts the the entire assignment i did the other 5, this is the last part. I am not good at subnetting. If any1 can Help this would be great. I know there are a bunch of networkers on this forum...

    Attached are the building floor plans and legend key. The 2nd floor is too big for me to upload. If you want it i will email it to you...
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    Everyone gets hung up on subnetting. You won't get better at it by having others do your work. Get help from your teacher.

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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