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Thread: MTV Oddities

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    Dam that movie was awesome! I started watching Aeon in 95 when I got to college (missed the shorties) and was instantly hooked. They were so strange that I just accepted the somewhat lack of a plot. The move made everything clear! It explains the entire series and clears up alot of questions....

    The movie probably won't make much money, but I'll definately buy the DVD when it's released! 5 stars from me!

    As for file sharing - Aeon is being sold on DVD right now, so no discussion of downloading it.
    The Maxx, OTOH, isn't being sold yet (I don't think). Is it wrong to d/l a series which isn't being sold? (I don't mean on this forum, in general)
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    My view is that if it's not being sold, then it's fine to DL it. However, you should not make a profit from it at all. Feel free to make copies for friends and what not, but once the DVD hits, you should go and buy it if you enjoy it that much. Just my opinion...BTW, I haven't been able to look for the Maxx...
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    Thats why we are trying to get Viper tv series as they won't release a DVD cause the First season was on NBC then a company brought it and retooled it for the rest of the seasons.

    Does anyone know how many episodes of "The Head" there were? i liked that show was great
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdashiki
    The chance of finding someone on a carputer forum with stuff like that to "trade", like its IRC or something, is nil. Go to a torrent/tv show forum site.
    I have a bunch of Aeon Flux videos, I'm just not sure which ones I have because I packed them away somewhere...
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