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Thread: Finally! I'm a homeowner!

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    good to know I'm not insane.

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    You're still insane; you're just in good company.

    There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life. -- Frank Zappa

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    congrats..just purchased my first house back in July as I'm hoping my surfing money from 12DPro will help pay my mortage quicker.
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    Good job on closing that deal.

    I'm looking at mine right now and figuring I actually don't have enough room in my 2000+ sq ft house. For me, the garage is the first to expand. Then maybe out the back.

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    Wow the house looks awesome and I love the acreage!!! Especially the flat spot on the top of the hill?? Excellent place to build another house. My tiny house that I am in the process of expanding (for almost 3 years now) was bought in 2001. Your house here would go for probably more than 800k!!! I think I should just sell this and move somewhere else and retire.
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