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Thread: Dont you hate when people mees with your stuff!

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    Originally posted by mprover:
    <STRONG>My friend had an audi A4. Went to a resauraunt , and the attendant ****ed it up . He ended up filing a suit against the resauraunt, as the attendant crashed</STRONG>
    Obviously the car crashed, not a mp3car computer!

    Fair enough I say, the attendant doesn't need to be driving at breakneck speeds to park your vechicle. There should be no need to crash the car. Did your friend win? what about insurance, did they pay out?
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    yeah , the restauraunt paid him. Still took alot of time to fix it. The whole transmission was shot

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    Originally posted by wizardPC:
    <STRONG>The first 6 were under warranty (i only had to pay $50 for the first one because I bought an extended warranty when I bought the truck)
    Then, after #6, the place I took it to told me that it was electrical and not mechanical reasons, so they said that it wasnt they're fault (even though they told me it was fixed).
    I finally got stranded here in Nashville at 2 AM, so I had it towed to the dealer and had a heavy duty tranny put in, and I paid $2500 out of pocket. BUT THIS TIME, I not only got verbal assurances that if it was anything else it was covered under my 50,000 mile tranny warranty, I got it on tape.
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    You do realise that there is a "lemon law", which says the dealer has to buy back the vehicle after a set number of major repairs. Varies from state to state, but it exists.
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    and the lemon law in the state I bought the truck does not apply to used cars. I've checked. I'm sue happy, remember?

    I have begun investigating the truck's history in hopes that I will find odometer fraud or something like that.
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