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Thread: Boobies

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyArsetx
    hate is such a strong word....
    other examples of the words that could have been used.
    Mame, dislike, fall in the toliet and drown, get run over by a train.
    those are just a few examples of phrases or words that can express how you feel without using that harsh word called hate!
    this has been a public service announcement from PTDLTW (people that don't like that word)

    I was kidding....



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    we here at the PTDLTW would like thank you for just kidding.
    but we wish more people of the world would just be kidding when uttering those terrible words to others.!

    thanks for making my day a bit better!

    Life is as good as you let it be.

    -Hook'EM HORNS!-

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