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Thread: Compaq Portable III

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    Post Compaq Portable III


    this is partially off topic,

    Im the website for the Compaq luggable website at which has loads of info on old these 1980s portable PCs.

    Just thinking, I like the form factor of the Compaq Portable III computer

    Id like to know if it would be possible to completely gut it and put a new computer in there. If you have seen those new Sony Viao desktop PCs you will understand how cool a small box with a TFT screen would look )

    I was wondering if a 10" or so TFT monitor and microatx motherboard and small power supply would be able to fit inside?

    heres an exploded diagram of what the PortIII looks like inside:


    anyone else think this would be a cool hack??

    I am not interested in overclocking or anything but if a TFT panel and small motherboard (with onboard video and sound card etc) just a modern computer stuffed inside this old 1980s clunker would be really sweet )

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    Definately a neat idea. Not sure if you'd be able to get a standard motherboard in there, but you could use an SBC like the Advantech ones. These can be found for cheap on E-Bay, and a big plus is that they include a controller for an LCD. Also, because they run entriely on +5V, you might be able to use the existing power supply in your portable unit.
    Have fun!

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    Ok - I'm definitely a geek... I actually think that piece of $#!T looks cool...

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    I have one of those guys in my basement, sitting beside one of the original IBM "portable PCs" (basically a desktop case with a 9" monochrome CRT beside 2 5.25" disk drives and a flip down keyboard).
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