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Thread: We share our New Years Activities...

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    We share our New Years Activities...

    Ok so what did every one do for the new years?

    I went to play Poker with a couple friends and their drunken families. It got really interesting. Poker is easy with others who are intoxicated. This was my second time playing in person and I got 3rd out of 15.

    Afterwards a friend and I decided to go Seattle at 1 AM. And off we went. 300 mile trip driving a 05 4Runner. Got in at 6 AM.

    I never want to grow old.
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    Went to a buddy's place, had a few special brownies got all drunk and ****faced, woke up at the mall of america parking ramp in a freinds car.

    My new years resolution:
    -Get My CarPC finally done, yea right, its never done
    -Stopped Smoking (Green)
    -Joined the "Y" because im tired of being a fat *** Lol

    what is everyone's new years resolution?

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    Woke up at 10, it was pouring, pretty rare for SoCal. Got into my mom's car, and drove up the 101 to my friend's place. We decided to test out his Audigy2 ZS with Starwars Episode III. We were laughing about how the emperor looks just like Lieberman

    Then I drove to my other friend's place with my gf. Smoked some hookah, drank some beer. Watched the ball drop. Passed out from the green

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