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Thread: f**k school

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    Good ole Maine. Gotta love trees and deer.


    I'm with ya on saying **** school. Its time to pre-register for next semisters classes. While we were all waiting in line for about 2 hours, we were asked to fill out a survey on the drinking habbits of the student population. Mind you this is a "dry" school meanng were are not supposed to drink here.

    Well when I finally got to the question that asked how many drinks I have in the course of a week; I had to leave them a little note saying that they need to make the answer area more than two digits if they want an accurate count. Mabey once they find out that about 70 percent of the student body are walking (staggering) drunks, they will change the course load a little bit.

    On a final note, one of the better questions was "If you have been drinking, do you feel sexier?"
    UPDATE: I moved farther north. Now its even too cold for the deer; only moose now

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    thats a given!

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    Yeah while school may sucks and all that I wish I was back in college at least I know what was going to come up day to day and be somewhat prepared for it works sucks crap and stupid co workers make it annoying I will take term papers over work anyday while I'm at it I will take works pay over no money anyday too oh well. Back to work

    my $0.02 cents (value is based on the intelligence of the person reading this message)

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