Originally posted by lstrunk:
<STRONG>Actually Guys, I work-out every other day.
I'm not some little weany.
I'm 6'4", 180lbs, I generally Bench 120 (I can do my weight, but only a few times), but I do 50 revolutions, then do 25 Flys, 100 Rows, 40 Curls, 75 Lat pull downs, etc, then I do it all again. I usually keep my heart above 180 for 6-8 minutes before that on a Elleptical Nordic Trak.
I just get like this when I am frustrated. I really need to work on it, I've gotten so Stressed I've punched holes through my wall.
I really want to go to college for Computer Science, But I've tried to teach myself Programming, And I just can't comprehend it.
And I have a bad memory Problem, that really affects me in math, I can't remember stuff like formulas etc. from one day to the other.</STRONG>
Well, I'm kinda the opposite.. exept for the memory thing..
I weigh about 44kgs and quite short, and why on earth an I telling you this???

I just wasted a lot of money I suppose, and am TRYING to take my mind off of it...