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Thread: Test Drove a car today

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    Test Drove a car today

    Took a 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo out for a joy ride down C-470, almost ran out of gas. Crossing my fingers to finance this puppy So many plans for this thing...

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    wow that car is in pretty nice condition. You dont see many 944s anymore that arent falling apart. Good luck with the financing!

    On a side note Im going to Aurora after work to test drive a 1999 4runner Limited.
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    Yeah if I get it I'd be down for a meet once I get everything together, like a month or two.

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    good thing they have Audi engines in them that is in a really nice condition... although the price is a little steep i think...

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    ??? porches are famous for their engine technology. (and luxury, looks, ect...)

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    nah, the engine in the 944's were developed by Porsche but manufactured in an Audi plant, the 924 had a VW van engine, though.

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    Don't you already have a 944

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