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Thread: chevy is dead/honda got hit - what a week.

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    Unhappy chevy is dead/honda got hit - what a week.

    coming home from the track on saturday i noticed a good amount of white smoke coming out of the drives side exhaust pipe. pulled over to check it out, everything looked ok., so i drive it home.

    it looks like i am getting some coolant into one of the cylinders (wont know for sure till i tear the head off). i know its not my head gasket cause i spent $$$$ on copperhead gaskets when i built the engine. im hoping its something with the intake leaking and not a cracked block.

    on wednesday coming to work i got rear ended by some moron driving his grandma's car. broke my rear bumper & now my carputer wont turn on. i am stuck listening to cds.


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    Hopefully it's just the head gasket. Doesn't matter what kind of head gasket it is, if it wasen't torqued down right or one of the bolts stretched it will leak...
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    Lets see, our week of bad cars include, the Bronco fuel injector dieing, a shot piston in the Neon (The Neon has a 2 month old engine.) and I just got MY JEEP back from inspection and they screwed up the brakes!

    Anyway, Mew.

    --Ashlawn Kemling


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