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Thread: WTF is up with ebay sellers ? or am I naive ?

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    heh , paypal sucks , trust me on that one.. the number of trouble they caused me is just rediculous , plus they dont give **** about us unless they make money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAScooby
    I dont see how sellers could get anymore screwed by someone from Africa, than from New York.
    Well, I realize that South Africa is a pretty sophisticated country with a vibrant economy but I think a lot of people are really wary of other parts of Africa, particularly with the number of Nigerian scams that are out there. I expect they tend to lump them together and label it "Africa".

    Whether through ignorance or whatever, I won't ship to buyers anywhere but the U.S. Shipping is easier, it doesn't take that long, and I know what to expect. I don't want to hose somebody on an Ebay transaction and get negative feedback because I was an idiot. I wouldn't have the faintest idea of how to figure out an African shipping problem. In the U.S., I can at least get a handle on it.

    If some dack from NYC decides to crap on me with an Ebay transaction, it is at least inside a country with a set of laws and rules that I'm familiar with. Makes PayPal communication easier and even if I'm screwed in the end, I can figure out how and why it happened. (Hasn't happened yet, though).

    I also won't buy from any sellers abroad, but that's mostly because the shipping kills you. Although Africa is definately out.
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