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Thread: Possibly THE funniest thread ever

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    Possibly THE funniest thread ever

    I'm ****ing myself laughing at this thread!!

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    if you line them up and throw a gecko above their head you could kill that gecko.
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    Read the first page, now I'm bored...

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    Bensenhurst... The SHOARR... Need i say more? This has to be the gayest thing i ever seen...

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    i've seen this thread listed before on another forum....but i have to say 1 thing......well 2 things.....

    first off......why is there any question this dude is a gay?
    the guy on the left is resting his head on the other guys shoulder, why that guy contently lays his arm across his other friends chest.......i could never feel that comfortable with a guy....unless....wait no, never

    secondly....all these guys on this forum are calling the post and people in the pictures "fag" "queer"....etc........while they are members of a wreslting forum(looking at other forums a lot of it is about wrestling and body builders)... The link to the other forum a guy says "i bet this fag doesnt even work out his legs"... does that mean he's letting his gluts go to waste?........yeah the guy is probably gay......but i think girls dont care so much about how strong your legs are
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    No straight man would ever say "here's a kiss for the haters" and post a pic of himself blowing a kiss. Not just one pic, but multiple. Period.

    If you don't want to read the 200+ pages, someobe made a site and condensed all the photoshops and best quotes, etc..

    That thread kept me entertained for most of the evening.. too funny.. poor "guy"


    btw - is a mixed martial arts site, so common sense would dictate that posting pretty-boy pics and saying things such like your favorite porn star is "Peter North because his cock is delicious" won't go over too well...

    Oh yeah, and no straight man would ever say that either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kirbycope
    Read the first page, now I'm bored...
    same here.
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    That is by far the best thread ever. So much funny stuff in one spot, I nearly ****ed myself
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    yea that thread is ******* awesome..

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    Since the inception of homosexuality, sexual deviants everywhere have dreamed of what absolute, maximum gayness would look like. Their quest is over; they now have their answer. For this photo represents is the cumulative total of everything gay in the universe.

    Congratulations. You have actually accomplished something in your life; you have set a new standard of polesmokery.
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