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How international is your law knowledge, specifically regarding the UK? It all sounds logical though.

I totally agree on spending power being the most effective way to discourage further erosion of fair use practise. Unfortunately public knowledge is lacking on issues such as root kits and cactus protection. Until the average buyer is enabled to make an educated decision on their purchase, aggressive copyright protection schemes will continue.

On a side note, I believe Microsoft is trying to distance itself from DRM.

Fair point. My comments have assumed US copyright law. Thanks for the opportunity to make that important clarification.

Outside the US, other countries often do elevate fair use to a "right". A prime example is France, whose "Supreme Court" (I forget what it is actually called there), recently found that the CSS copy protection on DVD movies was in conflict with the right to make a personal use copy of a movie. In that particular case, a man had a movie on DVD, but wanted to copy it to VHS so he could take it to his mother's house to watch it with her. The French Court came to the conclusion that he should be able to do this. The movie studios are now looking at ways to be able to offer personal use copies that still have some element of protection so they don't end up all over the net.

Just a quick note, in the US, the DVD-to-VHS scenario *might* be a fair use, but is not covered explicitly under US copyright law, and, to my knowledge, has not been tested in the courts.