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Thread: What happened to the panty pulling thread?

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    If your worried about the content of the "tech" forum, follow this simple procedure:

    Turn off "display Avatars" in the user CP

    Stay away from threads in the "off topic" section of the board, especially those entitled "panty pulling" or "Not work safe"

    This generally works for 99% of all the other forums in the world
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    I guess turning off avitars can be an option... if it bothered me enough then I might have done that... like I said,personally it doesn't affect me all that much, but it would be nicer if they weren't there, just like it'd be nice to buy a bike rag without tit's & *** on the cover, or a car magazine.... I don't care all that much, but it would be better if they weren't there...

    at work, I'm the boss, so it's got nothing to do with what I'm "allowed" to do realy..... those guys who say"oh you shouldn't be here at work" is bull****& not really a valid response, but considering where that response is coming from, theres no surprise there really.....

    censorship would be a difficult thing to pull off though.... I mean where's the line..... take rafsters avitar for example...... pretty girl, not very scantaly clad.... but bouncing tit's...... some will say that's to sugestive & should be censored.... so would the same girl in a still photo be o.k.?.... O.k., so say it is, but now the neckline was dropped & alot more cleavage is shown, is that o.k.? wheres the line...... way to hard to define... so the going rule of pg rated is used.....

    but now how do you justify something like motoko's avi..... I mean, no offence dude, but you just seem like your trying to push the limit with every new avitar... I've seen naked ****s & limp dicks.... you spend time cropping, compressing & building these avi's.... so that's your thing... I can get a hard-on just looking at your avitar... maybe you like giving a bunch of guys hard-ons, if you do then your'e on the right track, but is it proper or decent.... who's to say......

    I personally don't care all that much...... but I'm surprised the guys who run this site don't care that much either...... I don't frequent many other forums, but I've been to a few car forums & I don't think I've seen any like this one.....

    so let the tit's bounce & let the ****s flash...... I don't see it affecting me much, but I'm still a bit surprised at what the mod's will allow....

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    I've definately been caught a couple times at work with tits shaking on the screen while on the forum.

    As far as what should or shouldn't be in people's avatars, other than outright nudity, they can put whatever they want. I have to admit that Motoko's have made me consider changing it on him once or twice but like turbocad says, just exactly where is that line, again? I don't want to be the forum Nazi.

    If the avatars bother people, they do have the option to turn them off. If they didn't, maybe I'd be a little more active about it.
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    For new commers log in as a guest, are they able to turn off the avatars?

    Turning off the avatars takes away the individual look of the members, so I dont think Ill do that. I reckon there should be a proper guideline in whats acceptable and what not.

    As for motokos avatars and where to draw the line...if everyone is to follow the way he pushes the limit, this site will look like a porn site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris31
    What they do is just in their nature and it cant really be compared. Do that to a typical whinny westernised girls, where the only thing they can think of is to sue everyones ***. True the japaneese are going abit too far but to them its probably still acceptable. You look at their game show, to us its a torture, to them its just all fun and everyone is having a laugh.

    Harassment in the subways? I dont know but I get a feeling its all exagerations. The amount of harrasement/rape in UK or US is probably far more, Ill say its wrong to take all those news as a gospel.
    Lol. Most of the girls around here would knock your teeth in.

    Maybe the subway thing is exaggerated but I remember it being in the news over a decade ago. It stated it was so bad they were considering making woman only cars in Tokyo.

    Either way, given things like that I've heard over the years, the vid being real doesn't seem to be that much of a stretch.

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    I deleted it.
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