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Thread: Thank you to you all

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    Post Thank you to you all

    Just reading through these posts since a bit before Christmas I've learned a ton of ****.

    I love computers, but what can be done here blows my mind. I'm looking hard into making my own... I have a PIII500 Slot 1 chip lying around and picked up a pretty crappy Epox MB for $20 and have some RAM laying around.

    But I still am having issues with car electrical systems... I found some info on a shut off switch and I'll probably think about that... problem is that I've never touched the inner workings of a car, so I'll proceed with caution.

    Again, slowly I'm reading and learning so I'll be sure to show my little gizmo once it's all ready to go.

    BTW - Any use a FM Modulator instead of a straight hook up to a receiver? Was wondering about that.
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    i am... and i can say that the quality is acceptable... like your best FM radio station.
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    as King Snake said the qual can be okay, but you do suffer a drop in bass with the limited freq range of FM.......
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    Are FM Modulators still in the $50 range?

    and not those crappy soundfeeders, they suck big time.

    If so, you can just spend that money on a Jensen CR-530X tape deck. It has a 1/8" CD input jack on the back and is $60 at Wal*Mart and $50 at Pep-Boys. They may have them at AutoZone, but I can't ever find them there.

    I have this deck in my truck right now, and it works beautifully, for the wattage--I can't remember off the top of my head, but I think its less than 100W total output. Its got 1 set of preouts so you can hook it up to an amp if you want it louder.
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    I got one at Target for $20 last year. Wasn't worth 50 cents. I hear the more expensive ones are better, but hang on to your receipt reguardless...

    I ended up running over to the local Audio King and got a discontinued Kenwood(head unit) for $100 and an RCA-input connector for $20.

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    I got my FM modulator for about $35 on eBay. I have had no problems with it and contrary to what most people say the sound quality isn't bad at all. I get tons of bass since I add the PC in the car with the right plug-ins. With the sound card, then head unit, then amp, I get more bass than I could before. M.A.V.I.C. System
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