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Thread: Rear Drum Brake conversion

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    Rear Drum Brake conversion

    I have discs in the front and drums in the back.

    blah blah pros/cons of each.

    How do you convert the drums to discs? Does that require any hardware besides the new Disc Brake parts itself? Like I dont need a new axle, master cylinder etc etc?

    Anyone know if its really a bolt on exchange type thing or a total re-working and not possible.
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    well you need new hubs, discs, calipers, the disc brake handbrake stuff and new cables probably. Generally it is easier to buy a whole rear axle off a disc braked car (if it is FWD which i imagine it is). You will also probably have to adjust the brake balance and if you are unlucky get a new master cylinder as it may need to be more powerful.

    Easiest way would be to rip everything from the master cuclinder back to the rear axle out of a scrapped car...

    ...but....if you have ABS then i would forget it as you will probably need it all changing too!

    ie just go buy a new car!

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    You need the whole rear break assembly.
    And if you want to do that to your matrix, you can get the parts from Matrix XRS or Celica GTS (not sure of GT), or Corolla XRS.
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    I would try to find a TTE or TRD dealer, see if there were any motorsport/rally parts made available. that way they are uprated official approved factory parts. Otherwise, as the others have said.

    See if there is a "Sporty" model that featured discs all round, and find one that has had a front end smash. That way, all the back end is straight and ripe for picking.
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    Probably gonna need the rear trailing arms off of a rear disc'd car.
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