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Thread: Browsing Problems...

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    Nevermind, your computer is screwed up, works in FireFox too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motoko
    you using FF 1.5?

    i dont know if this helps but since ive upgraded to 1.5 FF has crashed on me serveral times. It never crashed on me before i upgraded.

    Have you tried viewing it in explorer?
    Yup, FF 1.5 really really sucks. Mine crashes all the time. Luckily I've got that plugin that saves all the pages you were at and reopens them after any crash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xBrady
    Yup, FF 1.5 really really sucks. Mine crashes all the time. Luckily I've got that plugin that saves all the pages you were at and reopens them after any crash.
    Please share.....

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    First try and reinstall firefox. If you hit refresh do different parts of the page load? Like when you go to the site do some links appear and some don't, and then the next you bring it up different links are now missing? Clear out the cache in firefox (and IE) and go to it again.

    Are you having similar issues with different sites? Could try this program:
    It's TCP Optimizer and can reset/tweak window's TCP/IP settings since some programs will change them on you. I recently had a lot of issues just going to certain sites (like and this thing helped a lot.

    But I'm using FF 1.5 here and have had no problems with it.

    Rafster: He might have been referring to Session Saver extension, I think a must-have extension, if you have like 10 tabs going you can save that "layout" and just recall it later, plus it'll bring them back up if firefox crashes out. Reallllyyyyy handy.
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