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Thread: Dog and cat fur trade

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjh221
    that would make me sick. Id have to kill someone. Im glad i dont think about chickens and cows the same way i do of dogs and cats.
    I do - I dont eat pork or beef - But I eat the heck out of a chicken
    /fish - but there so dumb I dont feel to bad about eating them - but
    they should make it were the dont feel any pain - I have seen what
    they do - EVIL and NASTY!!! - but I cant eat red meat any more any

    - I have had friends with pigs as pets - my dad had a bull as a pet
    so I dont think of them as food - A pig is as smart as a dog if not more
    so, and cows can be ok - not real pets, but ok, poor old dad got kicked
    threw a barn wall - he was ok - but cattle, horses and stuff like that
    can kick with out meaning to and step on you - its a nerve reflex, the
    bull was tame and acted like a pet

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    not sure yet.
    i eat just about anything but doesnt mean i feel good about doing it.
    Honestly i wish i was never turned onto meat.
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