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Thread: how can i **** off a psychologist neighbour?

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    think I'd get a little ****ed too if I was talkin to my friend in my own frackin house at a reasonable hour and a neighbor came and told me to keep down the noise. Come to think of it, I wouldn't get ****ed...I'd slap em in the face with a brick or somethin.
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    I was just gonna ignore here, right up until last night.. I finished work, sometime a bit after midnight (now this is a Sat night, she don't have to work on sunday) I wonder inside, pour meself a drink (as I do) I sit in front of my desk and start rippin dvd's doin some surfin' etc,, NO TV NO Stereo,, NO NOTHING,, just the sound of the 'double-click' and the HDD's doin their stuff,,,, NO SOUND at all (If I had a the bionic ear living on one of the fins of my CPU fan, It couldn't even hear me-----BUT 1:27 AM the ***** is knocking on my window--WTF? I was about to go spastic and say/yell "what the **** is your problem"
    But I figured I'd do the responsible thing--ignore her, but my retaliation side of me told me to turn on the TV,, and watch movies till 5 in the morning, complaining about the noise of your mouse, requires retaliation.. (I mean It's like having some1 you don't know living in front of your TV complaining about the noise the remote makes when you press the buttons!

    We havent heard her side of the story. We dont know how much noise she have to put up with. Maybe not just her, how about the other neighbors who havent said a word yet?

    From the original post, hes boasting he wanted to see plates, glasses virbrates of the sink, paints feels off the wall...
    my response to that,, yes I do have a good stereo, and I do crank it up, coz I know that my only neighbour for the last 2 yrs can't hear a damn thing,, if he did, I'd know about it already...... but if you had read my original post,,,, I did start to be quiet once I realised she was there (day 1)
    even to the point of NOT flushing the damn ****ter when I get home, as far as I'm concerned, Ive been nice and respective,,,,, right up till last night when I learn that my MOUSE-CLICKS must be too loud for her

    She can't use my rubbish bin (or any one elses) anymore, they've suddenly dissapeared.. and 2 weeks till my B/D everyone at work knows about this *****,, and they're the sort of people ( dilligaf ) who want to **** her off more than me
    49 days to go till she's gone

    OH-- just to give you another idea on how whacked she is,,, I'm imagining that you all at some stage rented an apartment?? how often did you call your landlord and demanded a fruit bowl? to put your fruit in????? she did

    come on! be serious,, how much noise do you make when your surfin' the net?? does it warrant a knock on the window by your neighbour?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fritz_fx
    [COLOR=red] my MOUSE-CLICKS must be too loud for her
    Why dont you just play a computer game like Counter Strike. The noise from the keyboard and mouse will make her go insane. Or better yet - dig up one of those really old keboards. The kinds that make the clicking sound when you press the key down, and another clicking sound when you pull your finger off.


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    not sure yet.
    heck just turn your speakers up and use IE.

    Or complain back. Tell her she is being to loud. Ya have to get all crazzy about it too.
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    ring ring ring ring ring ring ring - Bananaphone....

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    dont touch me man................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bannaphone ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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