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Thread: Workout

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    im up to 140 now(from 128). 5' 11" and would like to gain, but I'm too lazy. that just about says it all.

    i would like to be around 160 like my brother, but at my rate, it'd just be in the form of fat roles. I'm too young to be taking any **** that might **** up anything. lol

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    What do u guys think about these producst?
    I've been readin up on THIS site and this is some of the things he recommends.***_matrix.asp
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    These threads always make me laugh.

    -First, its ill advised for anyone under 18 to use supplements. Of course there are some adolescents that are probably safe to use them, but as a whole, its not. This stuff doesn't go through FDA inspections, so any bad stuff in a supplement can wreak havoc on a growing body. Facial hair is no way to determine if somebody is done maturing or not.

    -Creatine does not work for everybody, there are responders and non-responders.

    -Creatine works best when taken with some simple carbs, such as dextrose, honey or fruits.

    -To get bigger you need to find your maintenance calories, and eat more than that while still eating clean foods... unless you're not concerned about getting fat, then you just eat anything in sight, but thats nasty.

    -The majority of supplements are a waste of money. The only core supplements anybody should spend money on, is a multivitamin, whey protein, creatine, and lots of water.
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