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Thread: Laser Printers....

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    Your number one criteria for selecting a laser printer should be toner costs. One of the great things about the Samsung units (at least the ML-1710 I got a few years back) is that the factory toner carts have a plug that allow for re-filling without any drilling. So rather that spend $70 on a new cart, I just pay $6 for raw toner on eBay. It is definitely worth researching refil options before making a selection!


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    Laserjet 4 series was the bomb. I still have an old junker that's pushin out 10 to 20 pages a day...

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    I also have to vote for the HP. I have a HP 5 with extra paper trays and I bought it used about 7 years ago (from a business). I have personally ran approx 5,000 pages through it and have yet to have a single problem.

    It replaced a HP 4 which I ran at least 20,000 pages through (used to use it to print flyers for a business). I ended up selling it when I got the 5.

    I have also had a Lexmark Laser (e810) which was just a rebadged samsung. It lasted about 6 mo before it just quit.

    you just cant go wrong with the older hp lasers
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    I also used to have an Epson Laser...

    It was something like a Epson Laser II or something like that. Used it for 15 years, and one day, it just blew the **** up... Toner all over my wall... It was crazy..



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    I got a Brother HL-2040 after my second Epson C series took a ****. Its a good printer, but the manual feed SUCKS! It never tracks straight, ends up tearing the page.

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    ****, I bought a LaserJet 4P for 550 bucks way back when I bought a 486 PC and that was like 13-14 years ago. Still works like a charm.
    Didn't use much in the past couple years but before that it was heavily used.
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